sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

To be somebody

Supposedly, we are here to be somebody, to have a future (not far) to have a boyfriend, husband, children, grandchildren and so on. To have a family to be happy, to have all day to eat, to sleep in a warm bed, with the person you love. But .. it really does not make us completely happy .. There are poor people being very happy, content with having only one meal a day, or at least your kids have it, sleep on something soft .. either a carton of clothes or a mattress out of the trash. We have better things to these .. and complained, so the human mind .. some are happy with little, and we by far and here we are, worrying about things we shouldn't. We have everything we love, friendship, family and a house that no matter how small, is "cool." We suffer from love .. and they suffer for food .. us saying that our life is shit, theirs is worse, and do not say that. Now is what I mean with all this: You do not want more than what you have, because people want to have half of what you have

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